June 2017 Lecturer’s Notes

Brother Knights,

This Sunday (June 4th), our Church celebrates the completion of Christ’s ministry on earth and the beginning of his Apostles’ ministry to the world.   It is called Pentecost Sunday because it occurs the 50 days after Easter during which time that we have been celebrating the forgiveness of our sins by Christ’s gift of his life and resurrection.  It follows only Christmas and Easter in terms of liturgical importance.

Why is Pentecost so important?  First, Christ fulfilled his promise to send an Advocate to strengthen the faith of the Apostles.  Second, he established the Apostles as the leaders of His Church with the instruction: “As the Father has sent me, so I send you.”  In response, the Apostles began to fearlessly speak to crowds from many countries in their own languages and to become missionaries of Christ’s teachings to the world. We all know what they accomplished through the gifts of the Holy Spirit, which include wisdom, understanding, council, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of the Lord,

During Deacon Dave Pecot’s recent presentation on Pentecost, he urged the class attendees to listen very closely to the scripture readings on Pentecost Sunday, put ourselves in the upper room with the Apostles and Mary, and reverently pray to the Holy Spirit to fill our souls with His gifts as he did for the Apostles. We tend to think that because the Apostles were chosen by Christ that they were extraordinary men of that time.  In reality, they were probably ordinary men (like us) from that time and place, who when filled by the Holy Spirit, were able to accomplish extraordinary things.  Our intent should be to obtain and use the gifts of the Holy Spirit to accomplish extraordinary things for our Council and the All Saints faith community.    

This is an important time for our Council as we are in the final month of this fraternal year, and our Council officers are working on plans for the next fraternal year.  They are considering many activities including Council organization, charity projects, money-raising projects, development of program leaders, and development of brotherhood and unity. For this planning to be successful, we need the gifts of the Holy Spirit – especially wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.  Please consider praying to the Holy Spirit as suggested by Deacon Dave (above).  With the Holy Spirit, we can also become missionaries of Christ’s teachings like the Apostles.  

Come, Holy Spirit.  Fill the hearts of your faithful and kindle in us the fire of your love.  Send forth your Spirit and we shall be created, and you shall renew the face of the earth.

Respectfully submitted,

Cy Henke
Council 15706 Lecturer
Vivat Jesus

May 2017 Lecturer’s Notes

Dear Brothers,

Since returning from our son’s funeral in Phoenix in March, I am having difficulty in finding inspiration for the lecturer’s notes. You may recall for March I took the easy way by forwarding a link to a testimonial for our son based on the memorable phrase “Grace is God’s Loving Presence in the World.”  I missed preparing a note for April, but was asking the Holy Spirit for inspiration for May’s note.  

Then on the first Sunday back at All Saints, Deacon Dave Pecot gave an excellent homily on stewardship, the last of the Lenten homilies on the subject.  During the homily he related some of his faith formation experiences ranging from non-participation in spiritual and church community activities to what appeared to be full participation in “church”.  He participated in mass, was involved in the lay ministries, and was active in church community activities.  He even became the number caller for the Bingo socials!  In spite of all this effort and activity, he felt “deficient” — that he was missing “something”.  I assumed that he felt deficient in his faith.  

When I heard this, I thought to myself “Now there is something I can relate to”.  I try to be a true Catholic gentleman, but I often feel “deficient” in my faith because I don’t fully participate (or lead) in all the spiritual and community activities that I could or should.  I also said to myself “I’ll bet that several of my Brothers in the Knights feel the same way!”  Then I prayed “Thank you H. S. for the May note topic!”

Deacon Dave went on to tell us about how the inner turmoil led him to a meeting with God on a mountain where he committed himself to follow God’s will and eventually became an ordained minister (deacon) in service to our faith communities.  

So how do I relate this feeling of faith deficiency to my Brothers in the Knights of Columbus?  Several of my Brothers are serving our faith communities in extraordinary ways not unlike our ordained deacons.  Other Brothers are appearing to be Catholic gentlemen, but do not participate much in the spiritual and social life of the All Saints community.  Still others are not visibly active in Church or Council activities.  What can I say that will make any difference?  (I am still looking for the inspiration from the H. S.)  

All I can think of right now is what actions that I am trying to take to alleviate this feeling of deficiency.  In my spiritual life, I am trying to further develop my personal relationship with Jesus and asking the H. S. to help me understand God’s will for me.  In this regard, I plan to return to attending the Eucharistic Adoration on the first Fridays.  I also participate in relevant book studies conducted by Deacon David Lucheon.

In my personal/social life, I am trying to be less irritable with my wife and friends and to be more outward going to people who need friendship, such as those who are ill and/or lonely.  (It would help if my hearing aids worked better!)  Other activities that I and other Brothers could do include:

  • Lead small-group faith sharing video discussion sessions
  • Facilitate a table group at ALPHA
  • Commit to participating in K of C Corporate Communions and rosary’s
  • Promote social activities within the Knights to improve the feelings of brotherhood (pot luck dinners?).

Brothers, all I can think of right now is to ask you to meditate on what God wants you to do.  Remember our motto: “In Service to One, In Service to All”.

Respectfully submitted,

Cy Henke
Council 15706 Lecturer
Vivat Jesus

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